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This plugin makes DotNetNuke registration process more user friendly. Main idea is to inform user about possible mistakes in the registration form immediately, not after "Register" button clicked.

Key features:

  1. Instant UserName verification. In case UserName already exists plugin shows message about it.
  2. List of UserName suggestions (template based). Plugin can provide list of UserName sugestions based on the First Name, Last Name, User Name, current date or random numbers. Templates for suggestions can be defined by admin.
  3. Advanced email verification. Plugin prevents users from "typo" in email. For example: "" causes message about wrong email (because there is no mail servers for ""). Verification method bases on the DNS checks.
  4. Instant password verification. In case specified password is invalid, user gets message about that immediately.

Video with example of work (Youtube).

Admin area for plugin is pretty simple and intuitive:

ufRegistrationPlugin Init

This is how it works:

ufRegistrationPlugin UserName suggestions

ufRegistrationPlugin email verification

ufRegistrationPlugin password validation

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